Who is Who in a Wolf Pack?

So, just about everyone knows the roles of Alpha and Omega in a wolf pack. It conjures images of a big buff wolf dominating himself over the other wolves and the tiny omega being picked on by the rest because it’s weaker. This is a false image that society created. Wildlife researchers never knew how complex the hierarchy of a wolf pack until recent years. The average wolf pack size ranges from eight to twelve wolves from a single family unit.

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The Eating Habits of Wolves

When people think of wolves, they often think of two things: howling and the hunt. Images of a pack of wolves devouring the guts of a caribou may come to mind. Most may not know that the way in which wolves hunt and eat is actually impressively organized.

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What is “Lycanthropy”?

werwolfMost of society – unless you’ve been living under a rock with no television – knows what a werewolf is. It’s a person, male or female and typically human, who can transform themselves into a wolf. Many different authors and hollywood producers have their own take on werewolves. Continue reading