The Outlaw – Part 7

Ben sat on the edge of the cliff that overlooked the sleeping camp of the natives. Sarah was somewhere down there, sleeping in one of their buckskin tents and hopefully dreaming of blissful things. It was a peace that Ben would never know again, one that he hadn’t known in over a century.

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Werewolf Myths and Legends of France

We take a detour from my regular fiction posts to reflect on different werewolf legends and myths from the French region of Europe. Instead of being called “werewolves” which is more of an English/German term, they were called Loup-Garou, which in literal translation is Wolf-Man. The height of werewolf related murders was in the 16th century into the first quarter of the 17th century. Over that span of 100 some-odd years, it was believed that over 30,000 individuals were killed by werewolves or people suspected of being werewolves. Continue reading

“The Outlaw” Part 5

“My name is Sarah and this is Ben,” she replied. “We’re looking for Devil’s Rock.”

Geoffrey chuckled and leaned upon his saddle horn, eyes gaze shared between the two. “Well, you are still a good distance off. This is Indian territory. They don’t take kindly to white men killing their buffalo.”

“I didn’t kill it,” Ben said, a hint of malice in his tone.

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“The Outlaw” Part 4

Chapter 2


The following morning, Sarah awoke to an empty campsite. The fire had been extinguished long ago, making her wonder how long she had slept without it the night before.

The desert sun was already making its steady climb into the sky, but seemed just as hot as if it were glaring down right on top of her. Sarah stiffly rose from her makeshift bed and squinted around at the barren wasteland. She could just faintly see the towering figures of mountain outcrops in the distance, but they were still very far from them. She had only heard of Devil’s Rock in passing. Her father had told her that it was a treacherous landscape filled with jagged rocks and steep inclines. She couldn’t imagine how they would even begin to find Clarence’s hidden hideout amongst the numerous caves

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What is “Lycanthropy”?

werwolfMost of society – unless you’ve been living under a rock with no television – knows what a werewolf is. It’s a person, male or female and typically human, who can transform themselves into a wolf. Many different authors and hollywood producers have their own take on werewolves. Continue reading

“The Outlaw” Part 3

Ben stopped and looked over his shoulder as if he had forgotten that she was even there. “Going outside town to set up camp.”

“Can’t we stay in a hotel?” she asked. She would have assumed that the hotel was full of prostitutes at work, but she knew it would be much more comfortable than sleeping on the prairie. She also didn’t want to be alone with Ben out in the middle of nowhere. She still wasn’t quite sure what to make of him.

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“The Outlaw” Part 2

With a stiff kick to her horse’s ribs, Sarah bolted off at a fast trot towards the north where Ben had motioned to earlier. He set off at a jog and was able to keep pace with the horse. Sarah was even more disturbed by Ben than she was before. In fact, she hardly knew what possessed her to ask for his help in the first place. She had met rough men before, but he was certainly not like any man she had ever seen. The eyes alone made her tremble. She was sure he was some sort of demon or devil, but she was too desperate for revenge to bother.

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“The Outlaw” – Part 1

Chapter 1

Somewhere in the middle of the Western frontier, 1878

The saloon wasn’t very crowded that evening. In the far corner of the room, lively piano music was being played by a skittish Yankee that was new to town while a small gang of rugged cattle rustlers were talking quietly over their mugs of stale beer. A lone girl sat on the other side of the room from them, poring over a tanned and weathered map laying flat on the wooden table top. Her expression was twisted with worry and hopelessness. The bartender was busying himself with cleaning out shot glasses, pondering over his own private thoughts.

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