The Outlaw – Part 12

Sarah emerged from the mine and watched the havoc unfold amongst the sheriff and his men. Feeling weary by the magnitude of her actions, she leaned against a wooden beam and waited, eyes sullen and emotionless.

She recounted all she had heard from Ben, about his life and his struggles as a werewolf. Half the night had been spent in strange ponderings about the nature of it all. She never suspected that he would be a creature of old myths and fairy tales. A little insane, perhaps, but never preternatural. HIs eyes could have been that way since he was born, a mutation or defect. His hunger for raw meat could have been some weird craving. Nothing could have prepared her for the truth.

And nothing could have prepared her for his story, so full of death and tragedy. She had been just a baby during the war that tore the nation apart. She knew nothing of such misery as he experienced. To be shunned by your family and lose any chance with having a normal life. Yes, she pitied him and his suffering.

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The Mysterious Stranger – Part 7

Tessa couldn’t feel much at first. Then, slowly, she began to gain feeling in her arms and legs. She curled her toes and felt the sensation of silk on her skin. Her hand slid and she felt the same beneath her fingertips. Then there came the directional knowledge that she was lying down on her back and whatever she lay on was rather comfortable. Much more plush than her old twin mattress back at her apartment.

Even though her eyes remained shut, Tessa began to feel dizzy and lightheaded. A dull throbbing pounded at her temples. She took a deep breath in and let it out before opening her eyes. The room around her was unfamiliar and dimly lit. A few candles burned out of sight, casting a dancing glow upon the walls and ceiling. They smelled of lavender and pine, an odd combination but none the less soothing.

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The Outlaw – Part 11

Ben sat upon the floor of his prison cell, leaning against one of the walls for support of his weary body. The silver specks ingrained in the rock around him burned his skin, searing it until his flesh bled and blistered. The previous evening, before the change, he moved around to find a suitable spot to sit where he wouldn’t be tormented by his one weakness. But, the mine was unfortunately rich with the valuable metal and he found no place of relief. Resigned to his fate, he sat there, half naked and ravenous with hunger.

In his human form, he could reason. But the beast that rampaged the night before wasn’t so. His body and spirit was broken when the animal threw itself against the walls of his prison, cracking rock and bone in an effort to escape. And with the affects of the silver weakening his ability to heal, Ben could still feel the fractured bones and torn muscles throughout his body.

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The Mysterious Stranger – Part 6

Tessa and the three girls who had invited her made their way through the throngs of dancers and partiers. The club was packed for opening night and it seemed like half of the college student body was there to celebrate. To blend in, she let out a wild scream when the DJ started playing a familiar song. She and the girls swung their hips to the rhythm, bumping and grinding like they always did.

The motions made her uncomfortable and she would have rather been swimming in dead bodies riddled with the Black Plague than dancing amongst the wriggling bodies of the strangers around her. But with her face half covered in glitter and her own body clad in the preposterously provocative outfit she often wore out on the town, she looked the part and played it perfectly. The greatest actresses in Hollywood had nothing on her ability to be someone she wasn’t.

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The Outlaw – Part 10

Sarah held the cooling tin cup of coffee between her palms, savoring the potent smell. She had never cared much for the drink, but her father drank it often and the smell of roasting grounds reminded her of better days.

Sheriff Bart’s group of officers caught up with them at Devil’s Rock and led them back into the desert with Ben in tow as their prisoner. A chain was tied between his cuffs and Sheriff Bart had one end wrapped around his gloved fist instead of tying it to the saddle like she had assumed he would do. Ben was in obvious pain. Sarah assumed it was from the bullet that was still lodged in his leg, but she could see the burnt skin beneath the metal that bound his wrists.

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The Outlaw – Part 9

A day and night past for the three travelers. Ben could sense the unease in their new member, Henry, and kept his distance. Although the bullets in his revolver would only tickle his immortal flesh, Ben didn’t enjoy the process of digging out the rounds. Sarah, on the other hand, despite their rocky start, constantly intervened for Ben and defended him against Henry. That first night at the camp fire, Ben had overheard their conversation from his place in the shadows.

Henry was trying to convince the innocent orphan to abandon the monster and they could travel alone. But, Sarah stuck by her guide. Ben wasn’t sure how to feel about her unconditional loyalty. Was she doing it out of fear that he would balk at the rejection or did she truly believe that he wouldn’t harm her?

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Werewolf Myths and Legends of Antiquity

So, werewolf stories have been around since oral tradition became a thing. They were scary stories to tell children to get them to behave, or warnings to God fearing Christians to keep away from anything having to do with the devil. Sometimes, however, the werewolves of these stories weren’t all bad and some actually did good deeds for humans. Here are just a few ancient tales of werewolves from around the globe.

King Lycaon – In the land of Arcadia lived a ruler known as King Lycaon. In the beginning of his reign, he did many good things for his people like erecting temples and monuments to the god Zeus and introduced culture to his people. After some time, however, Lycaon and his sons began to neglect the faith that they started out with. Zeus decided to test Lycaon after hearing rumors that the king was becoming a terribly tyrant. He descended from Mount Olympus and disguised himself as a countryman. He came to Lycaon’s palace, but the king immediately knew who the visitor was. (Here is where the story differs a bit and whether the king’s intentions were to present a sacrifice or insult Zeus is uncertain) King Lycaon served the god a portion of human flesh. When Zeus realized this, he grew enraged and brought destruction upon the palace. When Lycaon and his sons tried to escape, he transformed them into wolves. Continue reading

The Mysterious Stranger – Part 3

Tessa leaned back in the dining chair and sighed comfortably. The meal had been excellent and even though the slice of cherry pie in front of her was the best she had ever tasted, she forced herself to stop before she became too bloated. Christopher, on the other hand, was still plucking grapes off the vine cluster upon his plate and popping them between his lips. It wasn’t sexual by any means, but just watching the way he chewed each piece of fruit made her abdomen grow tighter with desire.

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