The Mysterious Stranger – Part 3

Tessa leaned back in the dining chair and sighed comfortably. The meal had been excellent and even though the slice of cherry pie in front of her was the best she had ever tasted, she forced herself to stop before she became too bloated. Christopher, on the other hand, was still plucking grapes off the vine cluster upon his plate and popping them between his lips. It wasn’t sexual by any means, but just watching the way he chewed each piece of fruit made her abdomen grow tighter with desire.

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What is “Lycanthropy”?

werwolfMost of society – unless you’ve been living under a rock with no television – knows what a werewolf is. It’s a person, male or female and typically human, who can transform themselves into a wolf. Many different authors and hollywood producers have their own take on werewolves. Continue reading