The Mysterious Stranger – Part 5

It’d been a week since Tessa learned the truth about the anthropology professor at her school. Christopher Johnson was a werewolf in need of companionship and Tessa agreed to be his playmate. Since then, she wondered if she had made the right decision.

Christopher made himself scarce, but only in the physical sense. Tessa was haunted by dreams of wolves and medieval carnage, causing her to be exhausted and irritable. She no longer had to fake a hangover as she walked the halls with eyes have shut and feet dragging on the tile floor.

She dreaded each day she worked at the coffee shop, wondering if he would come in and torment her with his handsome looks and dark secret. Tessa didn’t think about the weight this secret would bear on her shoulders; to know that she was the only┬áhuman in the whole world that knew what Christopher was.

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