The Mysterious Stranger – Part 6

Tessa and the three girls who had invited her made their way through the throngs of dancers and partiers. The club was packed for opening night and it seemed like half of the college student body was there to celebrate. To blend in, she let out a wild scream when the DJ started playing a familiar song. She and the girls swung their hips to the rhythm, bumping and grinding like they always did.

The motions made her uncomfortable and she would have rather been swimming in dead bodies riddled with the Black Plague than dancing amongst the wriggling bodies of the strangers around her. But with her face half covered in glitter and her own body clad in the preposterously provocative outfit she often wore out on the town, she looked the part and played it perfectly. The greatest actresses in Hollywood had nothing on her ability to be someone she wasn’t.

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The Outlaw – Part 9

A day and night past for the three travelers. Ben could sense the unease in their new member, Henry, and kept his distance. Although the bullets in his revolver would only tickle his immortal flesh, Ben didn’t enjoy the process of digging out the rounds. Sarah, on the other hand, despite their rocky start, constantly intervened for Ben and defended him against Henry. That first night at the camp fire, Ben had overheard their conversation from his place in the shadows.

Henry was trying to convince the innocent orphan to abandon the monster and they could travel alone. But, Sarah stuck by her guide. Ben wasn’t sure how to feel about her unconditional loyalty. Was she doing it out of fear that he would balk at the rejection or did she truly believe that he wouldn’t harm her?

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The Outlaw – Part 8

The next day, Geoffrey led Ben and Sarah to the edge of Indian territory. Sarah would miss his tall tales about England and other parts of the world she had never heard of. Ben, on the other hand, seemed apathetic at their parting, as if their guide meant nothing to them. But she saw the way the two men exchanged looks, wordlessly communicating something that she couldn’t comprehend.

There was a warm, fatherly wisdom about Geoffrey that Sarah admired and she wasn’t afraid to admit that she grew fond of the man in the short time they had been together. But with the pressing need to find her parents’ murderers still at hand and with his desire to return to his own country, Sarah had no opening for argument.

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“The Outlaw” Part 2

With a stiff kick to her horse’s ribs, Sarah bolted off at a fast trot towards the north where Ben had motioned to earlier. He set off at a jog and was able to keep pace with the horse. Sarah was even more disturbed by Ben than she was before. In fact, she hardly knew what possessed her to ask for his help in the first place. She had met rough men before, but he was certainly not like any man she had ever seen. The eyes alone made her tremble. She was sure he was some sort of demon or devil, but she was too desperate for revenge to bother.

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