How To Recharge When You’re An Introvert

Sheritta Bitikofer Author Blog

First, I’d like to say that this is not a professional list from some psychology handbook. This is what I’ve known to work for me when coping with anxiety and cases when being an introvert hits me hard in the face. These little things I do to take care of myself have proven effective and are my go-to remedies when I’m feeling stressed.

18787665141_cc38ba2033_oI consider myself a social sprinter. I may not want to go somewhere and do things with people, but when I absolutely have to, I try to make the best impression I can. This may be considered “fake” or like I’m wearing a mask and I have to say that I perfectly agree. Yet, for the sake of those around me and the people I care about, I don’t show the nasty side of myself because then you’d be wondering where all my black clothes, piercings, thick black…

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