Thanks for tuning in!

Welcome to my personal domain of writing and wolf love. Check out my “About” page if you want to catch a glimpse of what I’m all about. If you’re too lazy to click on the link, then just be patient and stay tuned in to my blog for some interesting stuff.

What you can expect to see on this blog are posts that tell a story. Several stories, to be exact. Every week, on Friday and Tuesday to be precise, I’ll be posting an excerpt from a short story I’m writing. Consider this kind of like a fan fiction blog. What kind of stories am I writing? Werewolf stories! Now, I may spice up the blog a bit and post some fun stuff about wolves in general, but this blog is being made to show off my writing skills and get myself into the groove of writing on a consistent basis. Consistency is the key to success after all!

If you tune in after the first few blog stories have been written, don’t worry! I’ll be making each story easy to access through the menu bars and panels to the side.

So, hang tight because the first story post will be tumbling your way in just a few short hours.

And if you want timely notifications about when I post, follow my blog or my twitter handle @wolfgirl56979.


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